That Time I got Sauce on the Ceiling

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Last night I hit up a new-to-me restaurant in Westminster – Cajun Islands. I identified a Groupon for dinner and knew I had to invite my brother and Heather to join – they love seafood.

Actually my brother has been a seafood connoisseur considering that just after high school. He and his friends would hit up small places in long beach and made the policy that they would only eat seafood within 15 miles of the ocean. (Meanwhile I was eating Del Taco.)

So, this place fit the bill. add in a good deal by means of Groupon and you’ve got yourself a dinner.

But, I have to confess something…

the real reason I invited them was to see this doll. She is my favorite.

These peeps are all ideal too.

The dinner included 2 pounds of shrimp, clams or crawfish OR 1 pound of one of those and a lobster tail. Then, you pick your flavor and spice level. I went with Kamikaze and HOT. I live dangerously.

We started with Cajun fries and beverages. I was a little dehydrated from the previous night’s festivities so I bought the fresh coconut water with coconut pulp – it was delicious.

I tied on my bib and was ready to go! I’m a messy eater in the best of circumstances, so I knew this meal was going to get extra messy!!

By the end I was covered in the spicy sauce up to my elbows and might have even gotten some on the ceiling. and it was awesome. I don’t have any ‘after’ pictures because I tucked my phone away from the delicious chaos of our table.

Checkout Groupon for deals near you.

Question: Are you good at eating ‘peel and eat’ seafood?

I’ve only done this twice before so I’m not an expert but I love getting into my food so I’m absolutely going to be doing this again.


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